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How to Surrender to God

How to Surrender to God

by leethomas615

The Choice to Surrender

Surrender isn’t a very popular word in our culture.  Even the first few definitions in the dictionary have some rather negative connotations related to that word.

“To declare to an opponent that he or she has won so that fighting or conflict can cease.”

“To relinquish possession or control of something because of coercion or force.”

 “To yield to a strong emotion, influence or temptation.”

“An act of declaring defeat at the hands of the opponent.”

God asks us to surrender our lives and everything we have to Him but you will never see Him using coercion or force to get us to do so. God asks but our response is our choice and our choice alone. It doesn’t have anything to do with declaring defeat at the hand of an opponent either because, God is always for us, He is NOT our opponent and surrender to God always leads to victory, not defeat.


Why Surrender?

We were created by a loving God who desires a relationship with us.  Relationship is the key here because God asks us to surrender to Him within the context of a relationship.  He’s not a God who wants to “lord His power” over us but rather as our all knowing, all loving Creator He alone knows what’s best for us in every area of our lives and His desire is to lead us on the right path so we can experience a blessed and abundant life. He has said that repeatedly in His Word. He also warns us of the dangers that await those who doubt Him and choose to live their life according to their own wisdom and understanding.


“How to Surrender to God”  There are Obstacles

If each of us has been invited by a loving God to surrender our life to Him, knowing that He alone knows what is the absolute best (not necessarily the easiest) for us, why then, wouldn’t everyone choose to surrender to Him? Pride! Quite simply, it’s always been man’s greatest obstacle to surrender to God! Since the beginning of time, when God asked Adam and Eve to surrender their will to His in the Garden of Eden and they refused, men (and woman) have thought they know better than God does what is best for them. This would be rather amusing, if it weren’t so serious.  Man, created by God, thinking they know better than the One who created them, what is best for them.  Yet, it happens –ever day – in millions of lives.

Pride isn’t the only obstacle to “how to surrender to God.” Fear and doubt has a significant role to play. Fear and doubt, based on inaccurate or incomplete knowledge of God can cause a person to doubt that God truly is all knowing, all loving, all wise and compassionate and therefore, He will not really lead them on a path that is ultimately designed to give them an abundant life.

God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.  He has proven this repeatedly in the lives of His children who have chosen to surrender their lives to Him. He will not prove Himself to you, though, unless you choose to discover how to surrender to God and take Him and His Word. It’s your choice!


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